Party Policies

11. Refugees

Refugees are the responsibility of all humans. We are a tiny and remote country that can probably do more for displaced and vulnerable people in the long term by leading by example and showing the whole world a sustainable, safe, healthy and civilised way to live. In the short term we can easily increase our… Read More

12. Transport

Transport is currently polluting, dangerous and inefficient. Technological advances have been stifled for decades by monetary protectionism. We should not burn any more fossil fuels. We don’t  even need to today.   We have the renewable energy, the technology and the will to introduce safe, emission free, driverless vehicles for virtually all our transport needs…. Read More

13. Climate Change

Climate vulnerability must be actively addressed. We have the science and technology to assure a better standard of living for all without causing any climate harming effects, but currently monetary obligations prevent us from introducing them. Money is false, but climate change is real and cannot be ignored.

14. Food

Food production in New Zealand is massively efficient and highly automated. We have a huge surplus which can be utilised for the benefit of all. Currently we produce hardly any foods that are affordable to poor people. Even in this country. We mostly produce luxury, unhealthy foods with as much added monetary value as possible…. Read More

15. Inequality

Inequality has reached eye-watering proportions. No Kiwis are happy with this, and it’s only going to get worse in this system. Without the corrupting effect, and the ruthless behaviour-promoting influence of the money system, cared for, stress-free people will be free to pursue activities that benefit the most deserving, not the most wealthy. There are… Read More

16. Stress

Stress is scientifically proven to be extremely harmful to humans. Even if you are fortunate enough to be one of the wealthy or successful, the stresses from living in such a precarious, unequal, unhealthy and exploitative system are taking their toll on even the most fortunate. People who are poor, sick or vulnerable already know… Read More

17. Resources

Resources are now known to be finite, delicate and vulnerable. There are abundant resources in this country. Enough for all to live a prosperous, healthy,  fulfilling and sustainable life. Only a lack of monetary tokens prevents our access to those resources. In the Resource Based Economy there will be plenty of everything for everybody.

18. Animal Welfare

Animals are mistreated either because they are being exploited or because their carers can’t afford the time or resources or possibly haven’t had the necessary education to care for them properly.  The RBE would assure the future welfare of animals would be vastly improved.

19. Poverty

Poverty will be eradicated in the Money Free, Resource Based Economy. There are proven resources ample to provide for us all. Nobody needs to go without. Only the money system prevents access to the necessities of life. In the RBE all products and services will be free.

20. Water

Fresh water is now understood to be a delicate, finite and essential natural resource. There is enough for all but we have to respect the limitations. In the RBE all waterways would be drinkable. Nothing less is acceptable. This is totally achievable too. Nobody actually wants to cause harm. It’s simply the way they are… Read More