The world has so many problems

 we now have a solution

The Money Free Party sees the mere existence of currency as the fundamental flaw in human activity. When there is a false value system humans are forced to operate in abnormal ways. Every human transaction is tainted by the influence of money. We don’t see our problems as the fault of particular individuals or groups. But more as a result of every one of 7 billion humans having to slightly adjust how they behave, to suit the monetary system. Essentially, all the time we have any false value system we will remain hopelessly shackled to it. Deprived of our humanity.

Let’s take advantage of modern technologies,
to take away jobs we don’t need.
– Steve Saylor

So money is the root of all evil. We knew that. What can we do about it?

We need money, don’t we?

Not any more. Money and barter were required in times of scarcity. Today we live in abundance. There is enough for all to thrive. Totally sustainably. We now have the knowledge and technology to provide easily for all human need. Without war, poverty or exploitation. There is no shortage of land, food, building materials or the capacity to produce the things we need.

How can a money free world work?

Easily. By your understanding. Like learning to ride a bicycle, the first step, a willingness to learn, may be the hardest.

Everything will be free and all work voluntary. If you do not wish to contribute to society at all, then you don’t have to. It’s your life. It’s your conscience. You will receive the same as everybody else. Most things can be unlimited, there is plenty for all. But some things must be restricted, like some rare metals perhaps, so that they can be used in important science or healthcare. For the benefit of all. Most people are kind, caring and responsible and wish to contribute. We all want a good society don’t we?

Once we’re freed of the strangling effect of the monetary system, technology will be free to blossom. Like it never has before.
– Richard Osmaston

Great. How do we get there ?

Once the whole concept is understood it becomes obvious. More people around the world are forming similar groups and political parties to bring this to reality. As understanding grows, people from wider and more diverse groups are realizing that a Resource Based Economy is the answer to all their dreams. Not just for hippies and the poor.
But for all. It is a totally win-win situation. Everybody benefits. Beyond money, war, poverty, politics and exploitation.

The Transition

A growing number of people and organizations around the world are realizing that a money free, Resource Based Economy is the answer to all our dreams. It solves everything. How do we get there?

MFPNZ sees the transition process as follows:

Once a large enough portion of the population understand the RBE the shift can take place. We see it as being overnight, voluntary, effortless and unopposed. It can happen just as soon as enough people understand. That’s all it takes. Many, many people are already there.

Once a large enough portion of the population understand the RBE the shift can take place. We see it as being overnight, voluntary, effortless and unopposed. It can happen just as soon as enough people understand. That’s all it takes. Many, many people are already there.

what do we do then?


Except, don’t charge for what you do. Remember, everyone else will be doing the same thing on this previously agreed date. From this point on, it’s all free… and we are now all volunteers.

Physically, the only visible difference will be in the way that human transactions are recorded. We need to take care of our resources, many of them are finite on this delicate planet. So it makes sense to still process our transactions in a logical way.

So, we continue to use EFTPOS cards, receipts, invoices, payslips and business records etc. Just as we do today.  EXCEPT; The number at the bottom right hand corner, will always be a …. zero!

That number is now irrelevant. There is no such thing as money.

The other information on the document is VITAL to the continued security and sustainability of humanity. We must record what we use, where things come from, where they go to, and when etc. It’s called a logistic supply chain, and is an integral part of modern civilizations. The money part however, no longer has meaning.

Then what happens?

Continue as before for the time being. Except of course free now of debts, bills etc. As society rapidly adjusts, those working in destructive, harmful or unimportant jobs will quickly realize the pointlessness of their activity, and, because they get the same reward whether they go to work or not, they are no longer being held hostage to a corrupt system, will quite simply cease going to work. And because they didn’t produce anything of true value or genuine importance, nobody will miss them. They are now free to do whatever they like. Like most wealthy, retired people today, they will probably want to contribute.

The people left doing actually important jobs, healthcare, energy, maintenance, food production etc, will have to carry on working. Society already knows who these genuine contributors are. After money, Society will be free and keen to assist them.

The fundamental point here is that if one or several of these essential workers decides not to work, the problem that is created is a societal one and not their personal problem.

Now it is in society at large’s interest to support that person’s work effort, or simply replace them, because it is important to society. Not because they’ll be impoverished and ostracised if they don’t work. That is the key difference between a Resource Based Economy and the monetary, or ANY false value system. People will continue to do the essential tasks. Not because their arm is being twisted by debt, poverty and starvation, but because society needs them.