MFPNZ Policies

Money Free Party New Zealand 2017 Policies We are looking at a major paradigm shift in our society. The monetary system is obviously failing. All life support systems are in crisis. Conventional solutions within the market system are visibly not working. Piecemeal band-aid fixes are no longer good enough. None of the other parties come… Read More

Resource Based Economy

A Resource Based Economy is a systems theory global society, with human health and well being at the core of it’s philosophy. A fully integrated life support system that has one main purpose, 100% of it’s population at 100% of their health. Until recently this seemed impossible and there’s no guarantee it isn’t. But with… Read More

Parameters for survival

Any proposed solution to our global crises must now respect the following parameters. Many of these are only recently acknowledged and understood. There are many more, but the short list is : Climate Change We must respect our finite environment Resource Limitations Resources must be used equitably, responsibly and sustainably. Inequality Gross inequality is not… Read More

How can a money free world work?

Easily. By your understanding. Like learning to ride a bicycle, the first step, a willingness to learn, may be the hardest. Everything will be free and all work voluntary. If you do not wish to contribute to society at all, then you don’t have to. It’s your life. It’s your conscience. You will receive the… Read More