Copyright Statement

1. Copyright Licence

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The terms of this Copyright Statement are to add to, and not replace, the terms of the Licence.

Except for the Excluded Materials (defined below), or unless otherwise stated, the material protected by copyright is owned by The Money Free Party.

The licence doesn’t apply to the following (Excluded Materials):

  1. The Money Free Party logo.
  2. The website design (including the design, branding, colour scheme, layout, look and feel).
  3. Any materials owned by third parties (where they have intellectual property rights) that appear on the website.

2. Using information on this website

(a) Rights to use

We encourage the distribution, use and exchange of information on this website (Licenced Materials).

Unless otherwise listed, your right to use the Licenced Materials extends only to the following:

  • Making copies, editing, modifying or adapting Licenced Materials
  • Incorporating Licenced Materials with other materials
  • Making Licenced Materials available to the public by any means.

(b) Attribution, Restrictions and Notice Requirements

Unless otherwise listed, use of Licenced Materials is subject to the following conditions:

  • You have to identify, by title, the Licenced Materials.
  • You have to attribute the Licenced Materials by including the statement ‘© The Money Free Party‘.
  • You have to include a URL link to the Licence and the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand logo.
  • You have to identify where you’ve made changes to the Licenced Materials
  • You can’t sublicense or otherwise impose any restrictions on Licenced Materials that are inconsistent with these terms or the terms of the Licence.
  • You can’t claim or imply that there’s any connection, sponsorship or endorsement between you, your products, services and the Money Free Party (or any of its agencies), including through your use of Licenced Materials.

Templates provided on this website don’t need to be attributed in accordance with paragraphs (b)(i) to (iii) above, unless they’re being used by a commercial organisation for profit.

3. Misuse of Licenced Materials

If you breach these terms of the Licence, the Licence is terminated. The Commonwealth of Australia may also take action under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).