Party Policies

21. Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and recreational drugs are produced, promoted and distributed by business to make money. Without the motivation to exploit others via money to gain access to the necessities of life, large scale production and marketing of all harmful substances will cease. People may wish to produce their own materials but there will be no incentive… Read More

22. Retirement

Currently underfunded retirement plans and an ageing population are an insoluble problem for conventional politics. The numbers simply do not add up. And unless we make some major changes, it’s going to get worse. The Resource Based Economy completely removes the financial barriers that prevent humans taking the care of each other that they would… Read More

23. Gangs

Gangs are a glaring indication of a profoundly sick society. They are an inevitable result of a deeply unequal, unjust, corrupted system. RBE is entirely based upon supporting the needs of all humans. Not with bigger sticks, more police and prisons, but by utilizing a system that has the welfare of all built into it…. Read More