Parameters for survival

Any proposed solution to our global crises must now respect the following parameters. Many of these are only recently acknowledged and understood. There are many more, but the short list is :

Climate Change

We must respect our finite environment

Resource Limitations

Resources must be used equitably, responsibly and sustainably.


Gross inequality is not acceptable, sustainable or healthy


Stress is now medically acknowledged to be as as harmful as smoking tobacco

Technological Unemployment

Accelerating technological advances are assuring a liberated future with very few jobs. Our society and economy must reflect these paradigm shifts in our reality.

The Money Free, Resource Based Economy totally embraces these very real and relevant conditions for our future.
There are no exceptions, no compromises, no losers. Only winners. In the RBE every single person, animal and ecological system will be much, much better off. We are looking at a near future free of work, poverty, exploitation, war, crime, violence and environmental degradation.