Party Policies

1. The Economy

The financial system, the monetary economy, is an entirely made up entity. It no longer, if it ever did, serves the needs and wants of most humans. It is failing us. We have outgrown it and moved into the modern era where the use of money and trade is actually detrimental to our survival. We… Read More

2. Public Services

Excellent Public Services are the responsibility and also the desire of all Kiwis. They should and can easily be provided at a world leading standard to everybody. Not just the rich. We all want these services to be available. Without the false notion of ‘affordability’ in our way, supported and secure volunteers will happily contribute… Read More

3. Production

New Zealand already produces vastly more than it needs. We are an exporting nation. After money, we can easily provide abundant, safe and healthy food, housing, energy, transport, clothing, technology, industrial and leisure products and facilities. Totally free and accessible to all.

4. Christchurch rebuild

Christchurch should have been completed by now. In the RBE future, without the false shackles of ‘monetary affordability’, in a country abundant in technology, building materials and empty space, constructing a carbon neutral, sustainable, modern, safe, efficient and vibrant city is easy.

5. Affordable Housing

The constructed myth of affordable housing is totally ridiculous in the 21st century. Today top quality housing should and can easily be accessible to all Kiwis. We have the technology, materials and the space and public will to ensure this. Only the lack of monetary tokens prevents good housing being available to all.

6. Police

Police and the justice system are severely stretched. And, if we stay with the monetary system, things will only get worse. Inequality, unemployment, stress and insecurity are increasing. The Police are at the sharp end of this every day. After money is abandoned, there will be virtually no crime, poverty, violence or antisocial behaviour. These… Read More

7. Jobs

Jobs are disappearing. Technology is accelerating ever faster, which is great news for us all. Provided we don’t have a system that pits human labour against machines and which  forces us to compete for everything. We work much better when we are free to cooperate. As in an RBE.

8. Education

The Education system is currently overstretched, underfunded and failing our society. In the RBE all education will be entirely free, relevant and of course voluntary. What would you like to study?

9. Taxes

Taxes are a part of a socioeconomic system that theoretically ensures all are taken care of in our society. In a system based upon competition however, inevitably the most ruthless and corrupt will gain the most, at the expense of the kind, poor and vulnerable. We can assure that society’s needs are amply met in… Read More

10. Obesity

Obesity and poor health are almost entirely the result of the successful marketing of inappropriate foods and products. All of which are promoted and made that way to get money for the producers. They don’t wish to harm people either. But unless they keep sufficient market share, they are out of business. Which, in the… Read More