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 Newsletter No. 3 February 2017







Newsletter No. 2 - December 2015

The race is on.

With other independent RBE groups springing up around New Zealand, we have witnessed a sea-change in the public perception of the Money Free concept.

This is it. This is the process of Transition.

Serious objection to implementation is fading fast. As we knew, the current Economic system is totally LOSE-LOSE. There are NO winners in that system. That fact is rapidly becoming apparent through all levels of socioeconomic strata. Nobody wins.


With a Money Free, Resource Based Economy it is entirely WIN-WIN !

Everybody wins.

If anybody still sees themselves, or anyone, worse off with RBE, then they haven't understood it yet. That is our task. To educate.


We are a planet of 7 Billion billionaires. We just don't know it yet.


We've now got new websites/establishments around NZ. RBENZ in Auckland, Ubuntu, TZM, TVP country-wide and the new NZ Institute of Resource Based Economics in Nelson.


We expect to have Mayoral Candidates in every electorate (78)  in the country in the October 2016 Local Elections, We already have 17. From that event we can safely anticipate a further rapid rise in the proportion of NZ's population who realize, as you do, the scale and significance of what is coming.

In 2017 we will have General Election Candidates all over the country again. 

Bearing in mind that all 'conventional' economic theory/practice is collapsing around us, and taking everything down with it, getting people to embrace Resource Based Economics and it's staggering potential just gets easier every day.

We are right. We are on our way. 

Exciting times !






Dear Money Free Party member. MFP Newsletter No. 1 - June 12th 2014
Hi. Welcome.
The global movement towards a Resource Based Economy is gaining momentum. New Zealand is again leading the way forward. Thank YOU for your part so far in this massive shift to civilization.
We've always been optimistic but we never knew that we'd actually be here one day. We're very excited to have now got over 500 members and to have completed our application to the Electoral Commission for registration as a Political Party.
The officials there are processing our application which will take some weeks. In the meantime we will be considering our options regarding Policy, Candidates, Strategy etc. There's a massive amount of work to do before September's Election.
Any members who wish to be considered as Parliamentary Candidates for the Money Free Party or have administration or marketing/publicity skills, or anything else that might be useful, should contact us asap please. We do need help.
We will be organising some meetings to discuss the next steps and expect to be electing members to key positions at the same time. If you would like to be considered for a formal role in the Party again please contact us asap.
Very busy with press releases, website/facebook, etc updates at the moment.
We'll be in touch again soon with reports on further progress and a date for our first meeting, probably in Nelson.
Links, etc below. Please share with your own networks and help us to spread the word.

The race is ON ! Let's get to work !

YOU can advance the cause by educating YOURSELF on the finer points of how a money free world will operate and on the details of Resource Based Economics.
WATCH these movies, free online ;
YOUR level of knowledge and YOUR ability to share it with others will be pivotal in the coming times. We need YOU to know all there is about Resource Based Economics, The Venus Project, etc. We'll have to argue it in the coming days.
Visit and join in with us on Facebook ; Money Free Party New Zealand, Resource Based Economy and RBE Fundamentals-The Basics See the websites ; and
Good luck and thank you all. We're on our way. We CAN do something.
Richard and the team.

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