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Some prominent promoters of a money free world :



Sam Blood - Auckland

Andrew Caie - Tauranga

Kevin Ma - Hamilton

Dr Jo Lingham - Dunedin

Callum Brown - Masterton

Gordon Marshall - Porirua

Scott Andrew - Palmerston North

Sod Oscarfono - Wellington

Sam Mentink - Auckland

Chrissi Kamahi - West Coast

Monica Toretto - Invercargill

Phill Spear - Auckland

Conway Judge - Wellington

Matthew Nolan - Ashburton

Joshua Campion - Christchurch

Jordan OSMASTON - Auckland Central
Ted HOWARD - Kaikōura
Richard OSMASTON - Nelson
Laurence BOOMERT - West Coast-Tasman

Uriana J A CAMPBELL - Oamaru


Official candidates for  Money Free Party New Zealand, Mayoral/Councillor and/or Parliamentary representation.

Our Mission

Using the vehicle of a political party to promote the values and benefits of a global, stateless, money free Resource Based Economy. Embracing the values of human freedom, social equality and sustainability.

By standing in local and national elections, winning the trust of people and putting the concept of RBE firmly on the political map. Accessing and openly sharing resource data, with the intention of creating a global production and distribution network, that allows all people free access to sustainable housing, shelter, food, healthcare, education, communication and transportation.

Join us, as we continue to accelerate the change in political and social consciousness.


The Money Free Party is closely associated with many other organizations, both in NZ and internationally. In New Zealand we work with the Money Free Movement and also the New Zealand Institute of Resource Based Economics, based in Nelson. A non governmental think-tank researching and collaborating data around money free concepts.


In the 2013 Local Elections, we had one Mayor Candidate in Nelson.


In the 2014 General Election, we had five MP Candidates.


In the 2016 Local Elections, we had Mayor and Councillor Candidates in four towns and districts in New Zealand.


Please remember you need to be registered before you can vote next time.


This year, there will be a General Election. We expect to have a major presence there.


If you, or somebody you know would like to be considered for a Candidate position, please contact us.


Thank you :)

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