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We are happy for every vote we get but remember you need to be registered before you can vote next time. 


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MFPNZ is currently recruiting Money Free promoting MP Candidates in all regions of NZ to contest the 2017 General Election.
Could you be one too?
Do you know of one ?
This is a fantastic opportunity to present RBE concepts and solutions to a much wider audience. Alongside 'conventional' 'economics', and 'conventional' 'solutions'. Tho other parties have nothing to offer. We have everything. 
We also need administrators, PR people, web designers, artists etc to help drive the movement forwards.
If you've hands, a head, or a heart, we can use you :)
We can make this reality. Soon.

We are making RBE workshops and presentations all over NZ. NOW !



Don't hesitate to ask any questions, just CONTACT US!


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